Mike writes:

I was just going over these quotes from the ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ calendar that you posted a long while back on your site. Most of the quotes were exact quotes from the film, but some were not in the film and were obviously cut because of length. There has been so much talk about expanding scenes for the DVD release and I think that one scene that most people want to be longer, was in fact longer to begin with: The Council of Elrond. Check out these quotes that were taken from that scene and, I think, The Ring Goes South:

1. Apparently Gandalf upsets Elrond at the Council by reading the inscription on the Ring in the Black Tongue.

2. Boromir says: “You do not just walk into Mordor… it is folly.” To which Gandalf replies: “Let folly be our cloak, a veil before the eyes of the Enemy… He will not think that, having the Ring, we may seek to destroy it.”

3. Gandalf says: “So it often is with the deeds that move the wheels of the world: small hands do them because they must.”

4. Elrond originally says (which I think is much cooler and less corny): “Nice companions to match the Nine Ringwraiths… So be it. You shall be the Fellowship of the Ring!”

5. Lastly, Elrond says (I think when he is saying farewell): “This is indeed the hour of the Shire-folk.”

This last one is particualrly important since in the finished film Elrond is not shown saying farewell to the Company at all!

I hope Peter Jackson puts back these lines of dialogue because it would just make the scenes that much better, longer and less… rushed. Oh, apparently there were also shots of Sauron mixing his own blood with molten gold to create the One Ring – that would be interesting to see… Haldir apparently also utters the line: “Orcs have dared enter Lothlorien; they will not leave it alive!” – this would also help to expand the whole stay at Lothlorien (which needed to be a lot longer).