As a fun little impromtu contest we thought we could kill two birds with one stone, have some fun and beat the stuffing out of any new movies that may challenge our beloved LOTR:FOTR. So what did we come up with?

Go see LOTR, send us your ticket stub…win some goodies!

Here’s the plan, it’s extremely simple:

Don’t go see any other movie but LOTR:FOTR this weekend and scan in your movie ticket. You will then be entered in a contest to win:

The Lord of the Rings (Movie Art Cover Book)

And a copy of X-Men on DVD with our very own Ian McKellen.

I will be accepting all submissions from Jan 4 until Monday (Jan 7) at midnight. However you MUST see the film today (Jan 4), Saturday (Jan 5), or Sunday (Jan 6).

Simply scan in your movie ticket and send it to at Xoanon’s Ticket Stub Contest

Let’s kill any movie that may try to take our top spot!!