Ataahua writes in to dispell some common misconceptions over ‘mistakes’ in Fellowship of the Ring:

I’ve just seen the movie for the third time, and I can refute a few of those myths. Spoilers Ahead

Black Riders vs Asfaloth
The website made a point of the scene where Arwen and Frodo are trying to beat the Black Riders to the ford, saying that at one point one of the riders almost grabs Frodo, but the next second the riders are seen to be about a horse-length behind. But the website missed an intermediate shot: immediately after one of the riders almost gets Frodo, Arwen tells her horse Asfaloth to run faster – “Nureli, Asfaloth!” (apologies for any misspelling) – and we see Asfaloth pick up the speed. It’s after this that the riders are seen to be a horse-length away.

Gimli’s axe
At the Council of Elrond, Gimli tries to destroy the ring with an axe, but the axe instead shatters into small pieces. Shortly after, Gimli pledges himself to the fellowship – with an undamaged axe. But look more closely when Gimli moves to attack the ring: he doesn’t take his own axe, but the axe of the dwarf sitting beside him! (Gloin’s?) Proof that Gimli may be rash, but he ain’t stupid.

Gandalf’s staff
Comment has been made on Gandalf’s staff being taken from him by Saruman, only to have it again later in the Mines of Moria. But the two staffs are different. Even Ian McKellan, on his website, has commented on Gandalf having more than one staff.

Frodo saving Sam from drowning
The website said that although Sam was seen to be quite a way under the surface of the river before Frodo reached down to drag him back up, only Frodo’s hand was wet. But if you look closely – and you do have to be sure to check, as the clothing worn by Frodo doesn’t show dampness very easily – Frodo’s arm is wet all the way up to his neck, showing that he
*did* reach far down before grabbing Sam’s upstretched hand.

Unfortunately, did get two bloopers correct: the dead Boromir does blink when Aragorn kisses his forehead; and, when Frodo is about to leave the fellowship, the tear on his left cheek does inexplicably shorten. Ah well, after more than a year of filming a tremendously difficult story, I think we can give Peter Jackson a break.