Davey Bar writes:

I was watching Conan O’Brien and they had Kevin Pollock on and he asked Conan

“So did u see the LOTR movie? It was great. I didnt know what to expect. Because a couple years ago I saw Lord of the Dance and that just sucked”

Conan: “As we all know Lord of the Dance is the prequel to LOTR”

Pollock:”I also didnt know how to react to the crowd[in the theatre] I thought I must have left my Dungeons & Dragons cards at home. I heard ‘I’ll trade you 3 wizards for 2 hobbits and some other card I will throw in later'”

From: Barbarshop

Last night on Conan O’Brien on NBC In a segment called “Conan on the Aisle” Conan did a little spoof on FOTR. He said that he liked the movie but thought that director Peter Jackson could have done a better job portraying the evil of the ring. “It just didn’t seem scarry to me…” He showed the clip where Gandalf throws the ring in the fire. The clip runs normally until you see Frodo holding the ring. At the moment when the Mordor script is supposed to appear Conan inserted “Inspected by 15.” It was a pretty funny gag.