Hi guys,

Is it just me (and my friends here in the UK) or has anyone else noticed the bits cut from the film showing up in visual companions and the like?

Let me explain…. my friends and I thought it would be fun to get the LOTR sticker album from Merlin. Now I need 32 more stickers to complete it and have stared to notice I have stickers of scenes not in the film And worse, there (are) whole excerpts of dialouge in the sticker book not in the film… in fact there is one whole page dedicated to a scene in Lothlorien that’s not in the film!!

The ones most noticable are:

After meeting Strider there is a sticker of Pippin and Sam stuck in a swamp… Pippin is up to his neck in mud and Sam is trying to free him. The caption reads, “Strider takes the group through Chetwood Forest and across Midgewater Moors.’Where is he leading us?’ askes Sam. ‘To Rivendell Master Gamgee – to the house of Elrond,’ replies Strider. ‘We’re going to see Elves!!’ says Sam excitedly. They stop at Weathertop ‘No fire tonight!’ orders Strider.”

There are a number of photos of Elrond and Arwen talking and embracing in the middle of the Lothlorien scene…

Again in Lothlorien there is a scene of elves lining the river bank as the fellowship set sail….

and again a scene of elves lining a bridge as the fellowship travel underneath them….

also Galadriel is standing at the shore on her own watching as they sail away (2 photos of her as the camera slowly pulls back)

There is a also a shot of Galadriel handing things to the Fellowship… presumably the elven cloaks the whole cast are wearing after meeting the elves (notice the Lothlorien emblem on the clasps).

There is a portion of dialouge from when the Fellowship first leave Rivendell, where Gandalf is leaning on his staff saying, “Why did the Valar send me here in this old man’s body? To teach me humility no doubt. It is not the strength of the body that matters but the strength of the spirit.”

There is a number of photos of when Lutrz is “born” but also some shots of the Orcs pulling hundreds of things from the walls. The caption tells us the orcs pull hundreds of squirming maggots from the walls of Isengard.

I will try to scan in the photos of these shots and send them in to you soon. I just hope all these and more are included in the DVD version (as part of the film, not as “press to see deleted scenes”)!


Palleon -=XPd=-

Tookish here… To add to this list I have a couple things from the Decipher LotR: FotR Trading Card Game. There is a picture where Strider and the four hobbits are tromping through marshland up to their knees, and another in which Legolas is holding a quiver or batch of what I think are Lorien arrows.
I also noticed in that Cedco box calendar a shot of Weathertop without the ruins… pre-effects no doubt.

Got more inconsistancies or evidence of lost scenes? Let us know!