The effervescent Ringer PippinSkywalker sends in another great report, this one on Howard Shore and his Golden Globe Award competition:

That’s right… our wonderful musical prince Howard Shore is up against the Three Kings of Composing. John Williams (For AI),James Horner (A Beautiful Mind) and Hans Zimmer (Pearl Harbor) have ALL been nominated.

I’m not sure about this one… Zimmer’s score for PH was not overly impressive. I have not heard James Horner’s score for Beautiful Mind but I will tell you this: He has QUITE a track record… look at Titanic and Braveheart. He is definitely one to watch. I must say I did like parts of John Williams score for AI.

It is difficult to tell at this point… also in the running is Craig Armstrong the composer of the acclaimed tragic musical Moulin Rouge. It is going to be a hard and tough race… but it is in times like this that even the small rise to shake the counsels of
the great.

An interesting side note… recently Skywalker also wrote in to point out that LotR:FotR was released four calendar years to the day of Titanic. Thanks for the news Cousin!