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FotR Untranslated Sindarin Transcripts!

December 23, 2001 at 3:44 am by Tookish  - 

Thanks to JD in Sweden we have a litte more to savor from FotR:

Ok, here are the translation of two of the movies none subtiteld Sindarin in the movie. Found them in “the Cedeco Daliy 2002 Calendar”

Elrond: Frodo, lasto beth nin, tolo dan na ngalad. (Translation: Frodo, hear my voice, come back to the light.)

Gandalf: Losto Caradharas, sedho, hodo, nuitho i ruith! (Translation: Sleep Caradhras, be still, lie still, hold your wrath!)

The calendar is full of qutes from the movie, and the most interesting that I found was these: “The skill of the elves can reforge the sword of Elendil – but only you can wield it.” Elrond, to Aragon. Galadriel: “And what gift would a Dwarf ask of the Elves? Gimli: Nothing, but to look upon the Lady Galadhrim (?) one last time, for she is more fair than all the jewels beneath the earth.”

There is more and I will send this along, and now I can´t wait to see the DVD with these outtakes incorporated into the movie. They MUST do that for the DVD at least as an option.

Posted in Old Special Reports on December 23, 2001 by
Daggers of Tauriel

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