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I have started an online campaign to have Peter Jackson awarded The Order of New Zealand 2002 for his contribution to the people of New Zealand with the film Lord of the Rings. New Zealand dumped the title of “Sir” and “Dame” last year and replaced it with the Order of New Zealand, our highest honour.

Lord of the Rings has benefited New Zealand in varied and unbelievable ways – tourism, our film industry and so on. And with the recent death of yachting legend Sir Peter Blake, we are very short on heroes and role models.

I had the good fortune to meet Peter at the Australasian premiere in Wellington, and told him that he had changed cinema forever. In a TVNZ Holmes interview at the New York premiere, John Rhys-Davies also called for Peter to be knighted.

I’ve started a campaign to collect names from visitors which I will forward to the Prime Minister of New Zealand in time for the 1st February 2002 Royal Honours Nomination deadline (I’ll submit an entry on the 20th). The site has just gone live and will be updated regularly.

Many thanks!

To check it out link here: [More]