From: Mark

I was at the Sydney premiere last night. Unfortunately the audience got very impatient because the 7pm speeches were delayed until well after 8pm. The impatience was capped off by a lack of air conditioning, so it was fairly uncomfortable (its Summer down here!). That got fixed just before the guests arrived.

Anyhow, I was seated just above the entrance to the cinema so had a bird’s eye view of Elijah, Dominic, Billy, Orlando and Hugo. Mark Ordesky said a bit, then Barrie Osborne, and then he introduced the cast. They didn’t stay to watch the movie! I think they zipped across to another cinema in the complex which was also premiering the movie.

As for the movie … too much to take in in one viewing. It certainly didn’t feel like 3 hours, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. I’m seeing it again with friends on Boxing Day. I can’t wait!

The after show party was at the Sydney Town Hall … The entrance was a massive gold ring guarded on each side by Black Riders … very atmospheric but unfortunately our tickets were for the movie only.