From: Trufflehunter

You might like to let our Australian fans know that there are TWO specials being aired on TV this weekend: The Quest for the Ring on Saturday night at 10:30pm and, on Sunday night at 9:30pm, SBS’s “Masterpiece” series will be showing “J.R.R. Tolkien—An Awfully Big Adventure”. Here’s what my TV guide says about the latter:

“With the much-anticipated release of the first instalment of director Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy only days away, this documentary gives Tolkien fans a rare insight into the modest Oxford professor who created the rich and complex world of Middle Earth (sic). Featuring rare BBC interviews with Tolkien, as well as his biographer Humphrey Carpentet and members of the Tolkien Society (who provide a bit of light relief with their scary grasp of the Elfish (sic) tongue), An Awfully Big Adventure describes how an orphan from Birmingham adapted Celtic and Norse legends to produce one of the most enduring and popular novels in the English language”.