`Ring’ may add preview of next year’s sequel

Soon after the release of “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,” New Line Cinema is contemplating a novel distribution scheme to lure those who enjoy the film back into seeing it at least one more time.

As it stands now, the film ends as Tolkien’s first volume ends, with a cliffhanger. But there is no notice on screen that the story will continue. Nor are there any scenes from either of the next installments, “The Two Towers,” due in theaters at Christmas 2002, or “The Return of the King,” due Christmas 2003.

The company said it shied away from putting the trailer in upon initial release because it thought it might be “tacky.”

New Line said it’s considering adding a trailer for the next film at some point deep in the film’s theatrical run — the studio expects it to be in theaters through March.

The company would recall all of the last reels and replace them with new ones featuring, after the closing credits, a new teaser for “The Two Towers.”