From: Gee

On the 20th, New Zealand viewers were treated with a set of classic bloopers from the Fellowship of the Ring (Has anyone seen these before?). Approximately 3 minutes of footage appeared on Holmes, comprising of a special introduction from a rather tipsy cave troll (who has never looked so adorable giving two thumbs up) as well as the following (in no particular order):

Gandalf giving a stirring introduction to the true Lord of the Rings (Peter Jackson) who sits on Saruman’s throne (like in the Official movie guide).

PJ then turns to the camera and roars.

Arwen attempting to sheath her sword- only stabbing herself (or was it her horse?) instead.

Frodo escaping from a horde of Orcs only to be ensnared by an unsuspecting shrub. Perhaps this was purposefully done for camouflage since the Orcs just kept running.

“Typical Elf work”- Legolas attempts to barricade the door to Balin’s tomb with a flimsy spear (his work later criticised by Gandalf). One of his arrows snaps. Boromir drops his shield. On top of this, everyone looks like they are running into each other, which begs the question: what was the point on all those orcs when they already had perfect chaos?

Boromir crossing a mountain range only to realise that the helicopter was available that day as it rises from the gully.

The film crew demonstrating the main occupational hazard of working in Bags End, whacking themselves senseless on the ceiling.

Saruman having problems walking up stairs with his dress.

From Gandalf- “Orcs. And so far from Auckland/Orcland”

Merry and Pippin comparing the size of their…was it their feet? That would make sense, but they did have their pants down. Whatever it was, Pippin’s was thinner but longer. After being spotted they try to cover everything up, including their blow up doll.

Gandalf getting tongue tied.

Sam trying to get a close up after not dropping any eaves. All the others had close ups while he was always in group shots. While all of Sam’s hopes seem lost, as Gandalf (without his moustache) pushes him aside to gaze into the camera and sweep his hair away like some sultry super model, Sam suddenly jumps up to engage in a love scene with Gandalf.

And in the end the Cave troll falls backward into some abyss after too many wines…the poor dear.