From: Aelinwen

Today was Peter’s turn to be seen on the Big Breakfast. I guess all the interviews were on the same day(filmed at the London premier maybe?) but screened one at a time.

He came and sat down, he looked tired, actually, poor lamb, as if he’d had an evening of interviews already.

Then they showed the film clip with the burning envelope and Gandalf’s insistance that Frodo should take the ring from the tongs.

Ed Wood told him not to worry, this wasn’t going to be like all the other interviews, Peter was going to play ‘Board of the Rings’ to prevent him from getting bored rigid. Peter looked a bit wary, but the game, when explained, is harmless enough ( A big board, with rings attached that operate doors to reveal a question. )

Peter picks a ring, pulls it. His first question is, ‘Orc all about it’ A film rumour topic. A lot of rumours had been circulation before production began and after filming got started, but which, in Peter’s opinion, had been the craziest?

He said that the most bizarre, by a long shot had been the ‘Sam as a girl’ story. People had thought it was odd to make a film where there were men with men..wasn’t that..a bit…yanno? ( I’m quoting here)

No, said Peter, the film is about friendship. He explained hat this theme came from Tolkien’s experience in the WWI where most of his classmates died, only two friends still alive at the end of the war. He said the film looks at male relationships based on friendships and stress.

He then pulled another ring, chose, ‘What’s up the wizard’s sleeve.’ He wasn’t asked a question but was allowed to choose a prize out of the sack. He yelped, saying something bit him and then fished out a Gandalf. A big, 12″ Gandalf. ‘Oh’ he exclaimed, and began stroking the doll, sorry, action figure’s hair. ‘I’ve got an Ian McKellen, Look at his little Shakespearian face!’ He was clearly delighted, all tiredness gone.

Like a hobbit, really, ready to bounce back…