Harvester brought news to Barliman’s last night of his LARP’s good fortune over the past week. His Live Action Role Playing society, [Ravenskeep] (based in The Netherlands), wanted to rent a theater for a showing of FOTR, so they spoke to the local distributor about arrangements. When the distributor found out the group’s interests, she got in touch with the overall contact for the movies in The Netherlands, who offered Ravenskeep a gig at the Rotterdam premiere on Tuesday, Dec. 11, as well as an appearance at a Tolkienforum screening in Eden the following day. Costumed members of Ravenskeep met actor John Rhys-Davies at the screening in Rotterdam.

Harvester was ebullient in his praise for FOTR, saying, “This one (movie) will eat you up and spit you out to (see) it over again and again and again…even though you know what will happen…somehow it simply takes you into the realms of beyond.” He and his best friend worked very hard to make their costumes, “Lots of latex and work… yet it is so worth it. It’s devastating for the body… the costume that is…yet it is so worth it to contribute to the event of all times.”

Ravenskeep has 250 players and 30 active crewmembers, according to Harvester. This week members will also appear on Tuesday in Nijmegen and Wednesday (The Day We’ve All Been Waiting For) in Amsterdam. The LARP society will also be on hand for the premiere of TT in 2002 and ROTK in 2003. When asked if the group was being paid, Harvester replied, “No…we get to see the movie and get some cool goodies… and tons of beer *grin*” Check out these pictures: Harvester as an [orc] and Harvester(r) the orc meets John Rhys-Davies(c) in the bottom picture [here]. Congratulations to Ravenskeep on a job well done!