Haarfager sends in this report on the Bogart television program that was on Danish television.

The other night there was a ‘Bogart’-special (Bogart is a show about new films whwre they don’t rate the films by giving thm stars. They get hats! (Like Bogart’s hat in ‘Casablanca’). They had a critic from a newspaper who was a sceptic before he saw the film. They had the chairman of the Danish Tolkien Society and they had a ‘film expert’ (the former critic on ‘Bogart’ who can be quite a tough reviewer). The newspaper guy loved the film as a supplement to the books. He gave Harry Potter a hard time when he compared the two. The Tolkien Society guy (who seemed a bit nerdish) liked the film but missed the peace that is found in the books (Rivendell, Lorien etc). The ‘expert’ absolutely loved the films.

They showed the clips of Frodo and Gandalf in Moria, Strider in Bree, Boromir on Caradhras, Gandalf and Frodo in Bag End, Frodo’s ‘leap for life’ to the ferry and the trailer as we know it + a few interviews. It was a well made show, though the Tolkien Society guy really didn’t give the impression that fans of LOTR are anything but nerds. Generally the reviews have been five thumbs up for LOTR:FOTR!!! (And I’ve got tickets for the 19th…)