Oregoonie writes: I’m not sure if anyone’s talked about some of the cast being on TRL yesterday, so here’s my run-down, if you’re interested:

Opening scene: Carson Daly standing around looking completely average in every way.

Elijah and Liv came out to Pat Benetar’s “The Warrior,” Elijah shaking his fists with glee. They talk about NZ and Carson asked them if they ever ate “roo” and Elijah looked stunned and said, “NO!…that’s Australia!” Carson asks Liv about her working with all boys and Elijah put his head on her shoulder and she said, “Oh, they’re very sweet, I was spoiled rotten!” then they cut to commercial as Liv and Elijah bop each other on the head with their mics.

Back from commercial, bring out the rest of them (Dom pokes audience member in the eye), etc. etc. Carson asks more about New Zealand and Liv says how great the food is. Carson asks, “Eat a lot of sheep?” And Sean says, “33 million sheep in New Zealand, three million people. So it’s all about sheep.”
Carson: “What does it taste like?”
Sean: “Eh…like chicken!” Then Carson says something about sheep jerky and Sean laughs, “No, no, you don’t say jerky. That means something else over there!”

Talked about filming and how close they all got and Sean put his arm through Dom’s, very sweet. Elijah said they were all brothers, etc….. I’m glossing over the bits we’ve heard before. Then Dom apologizes to the girl, “I’d like to apologize to that girl over there, the one in the ‘I love NY’ shirt..is that NY? Oh, The Calling. Very lovely girl, I poked her in the eye when I came out BANG! oh, sorry!” Then they go down the line, describing their characters (sean, dom, billy, orlando, liv and elijah). Carson starts talking to liv about being the only girl and Orlando says, “But you’re a boy-girl,” to which she agrees but then says, “But then they would pinch my butt and lift up my dress and do rude things,” and laughed. Oh, and Orlando says he has a crush on the Elven princess. And Dom says Merry is the gayest of all hobbits, according to Tolkien, to which Carson asks, “happy or gay?” and Dom says, “Just very happy.” Or something along those lines, lol. Then they do the Buckleberry ferry clip.

Back from commercial (and here’s where I snipped off a bit, but nothing much) and they do the “how well do you know each other” game. Sean gets the first question (“who’s favorite movie is ‘Rushmore’?”), which Orlando answers and Dom scolds him, “He said SEAN!” Orlando, “Oh! Oh,did he?” So Sean got that one. Then Billy gets, “Who’s favorite food is a Subway meatball sandwich?” To which he answers (in an American accent), “Subway meatball…would that be….Sean Astin?” Right! And Liv goes, “Gee, that was hard!” and Dom goes, “and like…twenty five of them,” and Sean says “at a time.” Next he asks Elijah who’s favorite band is the Beatles, which he answered correctly.

Orlando is next with who’s favorite band is the Smashing Pumpkins, which he answered correctly. And last, Dom gets “Who spent most of their time golfing when they weren’t filming?” “Sean Astin.” Correct! Then Sean says something about how it went well with all the meatball sandwiches.

Back from commercial, they’re all standing, Sean in front, Billy, Elijah, Dom, Orlando and Liv behind him, arms around each other. Carson says they get fifteen seconds to talk about the movie, and the honor goes to (who else) Sean. And whilst poor Sean is trying to enlighten the pop-culturally dulled souls of the audience members to the wonders of all that is the Lord of the Rings, his dear friends go mad. Elijah and Dom immediately begin dancing, Orlando mimes shooting his bow, I can’t really see what Billy’s up to, but you can be sure it’s no good. Orlando starts molesting Liv, who dances away back to the safety of the couch. Dom starts strutting around and in front of Sean and bounds back to the couch and jumps on it. Time’s up and poor Seanwise is cut off. And there was much rejoicing.

End of interview, the hobbits and elves wave to the audience, hug each other, and wave to the camera.