From: Aelinwen

Today, on the Big Breakfast we were treated to an interview with Elijah Wood.

He came on and was bright and perky and cheerful, grinning into the camera and waving. He seemed genuinely pleased to be there and to be taking part.

Ed Wood opened by making a joke about his age and size (You are a man, aren’t you? I’m twenty! )

The first question was very direct and about Elijah’s eyes.’Did you try not to blink during the filming?’

He seemed a little amused by that and said that his character had to be completely involved in the action, especially in conflict with the ring. So, ‘trying not to blink’ was intentional to demonstrate this.

He was then subjected to the ‘Board of the Rings’ game. He immediately spoke up about the book,’Bored of the Rings’ explained the different spelling and the context. (I hope he’s read it)

First ring he pulled, and first door opened was ‘What’s up the wizard’s sleeve?’ The game with prizes.

Who has been frozen and hangs out with Leonardo Di Caprio?

Elijah struggled, insisted he knew the answer, knew the man in question, even knew he came from New York but the name evaded him.

David Blaine, of course…

He was given a prize though, after some rootling around in the ‘wizard’s sleeve’ (big red sack) he pulled out…a gnome. He was delighted.’ Sweet.’ he said, ‘Hey, this one won’t blink.’

The next question was ‘Orc all about it’

Film rumours. Was it true that Peter Jackson let him have the ring?

Elijah confirms that he does, indeed, have it.

‘Can I see it?’ (It’s a little weird that everyone asks this.)

‘No, no, ‘ Elijah says, ‘it’s back home, in a box, tucked away.’

Who better to look after it? Ed said.