Elijah Wood (Frodo) is certainly making the rounds on all the major chat shows this week, he’s a hard working actor (and don’t think we don’t appreciate it Elijah). Take a look at these pics from his appearances on Wednesday’s ‘Regis & Kell’ and ‘Today’.


Matt Lauer interviewed Elijah on ‘Today. The interview was extremely low key, Elijah spoke about the film and his adventures. Matt asked the usual questions about Frodo and making 3 films at once. The clip they showed was with Gandalf and Frodo learning about the ring

Regis & Kelly:

Elijah was much more animated during this interview. Regis showed clips of Elijah when he was much younger, and they showed the clip from the Buckleberry Ferry scene.

Clips from Elijah’s apperance on Conan later today!