From: Aelinwen

This Morning we were treated to another interview by Ed Wood on the Big breakfast, once again featuring the ‘Board of the Rings’ game.

I must say first that Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan looked as if they were real friends, very easy with each other, talking together (and sometimes simultaneously) about things and generally good-humoured.

A short film clip was shown, of Frodo, explaining that he and Sam have to leave the Shire. Merry then says, excitedly.’The Bucklebury ferry’ and they dart out from hiding only to have a HUGE black rider appear in front of them…

They were intrigued by the ‘Board of the Rings’ game, declaring it very clever, which was generous of them.

They pulled on a ring and opened a door, revealing the question, ‘What’s up the wizard’s sleeve’ a question with prizes.

tThe question was,’Which comedy duo were married, although one still wears a schoolboy’s cap, and appear in panto in Bournemouth ( if you don’t know what ‘panto’ is, believe me it will take more space than I have here to explain about fairytale princes in fishnet tights slapping their thighs and men dressed up as old women.)

The answer is, of course, ‘The Krankies’. I think Dominic got the answer first. Billy complained his chair didn’t have a working buzzer…

Prizes, Dominic rummaged about in the long sack and brought out …a Toy Biz Gandalf. He was REALLY pleased, huge grin on his face. and danced a mini-mcKellen on his knee. Billy also reached for a prize, got a plastic gnome..on a bike, I think and was gracious enough to look pleased with it, too.

Next question was’Public Elf Warning’ (why doesTolkien bring out the worst in punners?)

The two were asked if it was true about the evacuation from one of the sets.

Yes, they both began to tell the same story, very animatedly, of how they were up on a mountain, filming in the snow (shot of the 9 walking across the snow) and ‘weather’ was coming in and they had half an hour to get out, were being frantically waved onto transport, or they would have to stay for 4 days. They did point out that there were supplies and bedding for five days, in case of emergencies but only one shack to stay in.

‘Was Liv with you?’

‘Oh no, ‘they said, ‘just us guys’

‘If she had been with us,’ they pointed out,’ we might just have waved the helicopters away.’

Then Ed brought up the subject of football (Soccer) and about how Sean Bean is telling everyone that he beat the hobbits at football. And pool, added the outraged pair. ‘He’s lying, ‘they said, saying that Sean Bean had claimed to have beaten them at both games and this simply not being true.

A game I guess we’d all like to see on video.