From: Mirjam

For Film 2001, Jonathan Ross had interviews with almost the complete main cast as well as PJ himself. In between, there were several shots from the party scenery ( like Barliman’s; looking great!), as well as a parade of celebrities unanimous in their praise. And of course, the complete trailer, as well as some other footage of film and filming.

Great shot to begin with: the entrance of Elijah Wood actually jumping Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan at the red carpet… Fun to watch those three hobbits like that.

Ross (who was very enthousiastic about the movie) held his interviews in a private little corner of the party. Allthough they were quite short, there were some interesting things.

Elijah Wood was the first to come by & told Ross something about Frodo, the part and the story, and mentioned the anxiety of waiting for the film to come out, as well as the next two. Not much new here (except for the moustache?)

Liv Tyler was of course asked about the Elvish, she said she ended up actually feeling naked without it. Then Sean Bean talked about them having spent a great deal of time in character development and rehearsal. Ross talked with Ian McKellen about the magic between him and Christopher Lee, and McKellen called filming the ‘best year of his professional life’.

The three remaining hobbits seemed to enjoy themselves quite a bit together when it was their turn. It had been a boy scout thing, said Dominic Monaghan (and it looked that way).

And of course, there was a lot of talk about the tattoos (which none of them were willing to show); idea of the ‘terribly naughty hobbits’ (McKellen) apparently.

Last but not least: PJ came up. He actually laughed when Ross called the story a Star Wars rip off (what can you do?). He talked about how he always wanted to direct a fantasy movie, and LotR was perfect. Though it wasn’t a thing he’d ever repeat ;-).

Among the quotes from the crowd, there was Ian Holm saying the whole event reminded him of ‘old Hollywood’, with the thousands of people and all; and one from Cristopher Lee calling it ‘unique in the history of cinema’.

The extra (non-trailer) bits were great. They included a wonderful scene between Gandalf and Frodo in Moria, the entire flight to the Ferry, Strider and Frodo at Barliman’s. Enya finished the programme.

Alas, no pics, but a great show.