Aelinwen writes: The Big Breakfast continues its support of ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ with another slightly strange interview of Sean Bean by Ed Wood.

Sean was asked who, in a cast full of wizards, hobbits elves and orcs what kind of role he plays. ‘Human’ he says, describing Boromir as a man who is seduced by the evil of the ring. He goes on to explain that Boromir is a strong character, with weaknesses and the biggest struggle is not with his foes but with the inward struggle between himself and the power of the ring. It then showed the clip with the fallen Ring in the snow, where Boromir ruffles Frodo’s hair.

Once again a cast member was subjected to playing ‘Board of the Rings’ opening a door behind which lurked a question.

The first question, (which had a prize!) was ‘What’s up the wizard’s sleeve?’ Sean was asked, Which magician claims he can fly, walk through walls and was married to Claudia Shiffer?

David Copperfield, of course. Sean was allowed to choose a prize out of the sack, which was a Toy Biz hobbit, possibly Sam.

The next question was ‘Orc all about it’ Sean was asked if it was true that he was coached the sword movements by the same Errol Flynn’s teacher. To which Sean replied. ‘Yes,’

‘He must be kinda old now?’

Sean said he (Bob Anderson) must be well into his seventies but that he was a big man who had grace and elegance. Asked if he beat him, Sean admitted that he never actually tackled him in a fight, maybe if the whole fellowship rushed him.