From: David

As you can imagine, it’s LOTR:FOTR mad over here in the UK. FOTR has had a mention on just about every news program over the last few days. Making the BBC News at 10:00 two nights in a row.

The footage from the premier where remarkable. Liv, Elijah and Sean Austin looked like there respective characters even in civilian clothing. Liv Tyler looked incredible in a long old fashioned red gown/dress – she was an Evenstar!

The Daily Mirror national tabloid newspaper are giving away a 20 min behind the scenes/making of video (save 5 tokens from the paper and it’s yours!) They also have a genuine prop (drinking flask) used by Bilbo in the party scene.

The BBC are broadcasting the JRR Tolkien “Omnibus” program (high brow arts program) at 6:45 BBC2 on 22/12. It features archive interviews with JRR. According to the program makers JRR was “a humorless man who was not the least interested in the fanciful theories of his fanatical readers” he would probably turn in his grave if he could see what’s going on now……