From: Aelinwen

The splendid Christopher Lee appeared in interview on The Big Breakfast this morning. I can say splendid..I’ve spoken to Christopher Lee and can confirm that his deep, resonant, velvet voice is how he actually speaks, even when he is doing something as innocent as buying cheese (which is how I met him).


Ed Wood opened by asking Chistopher what he thought of the project and he said it was the biggest film he’d been part of and that Peter Jackson’s achievment in filming all three together was ‘amazing’

Once again a cast member was subjected to the weird ‘Board of the Rings’ game where cast members have to open a door on a board and answer the questions behind it. There are prizes! Plastic gnomes…

Christopher says he hopes he can answer some of the questions, Ed replies, to quote Galadriel,’If you cannot do it, no one can.’

First door opened had the question, ‘Gnome it in three’ Christopher had to pick the three biggest and best film characters he had played.

He said..’This film.. the up and coming Star Wars film I’m not allowed to talk about and Rasputin.’

The next door opened was ‘Orc all about it’

Christopher was asked if the myth about him actually meeting Tolkien is true?

Apparently it is. Someone introduced him to Tolkien, who was smoking a pipe, and shook his hand. Christopher said all he could do was exchange greetings and gape.

Asked how he had become a fan, he said he had read the first volume when it came out in 1954 and he has read it every year since. He is, he admits, obsessed, but ‘for the right reasons’.

He was then offered a plastic gnome out of the sack. After peering at them for a moment he asked, ‘Do you have an Uruk-Hai?’ Believe me, he says ‘Uruk-Hai’ beautifully. By the magic of television, a plastic orc was produced (out of its box but I couldn’t see which orc it was). He said, ‘I don’t know what my wife will think,’ but thanked the interviewer graciously.