Aelinwen writes: Another spot on Uk’s ‘The Big Breakfast’ this morning featured a somewhat daffy game/interview by Ed Hall with Orlando Bloom and Liv Tyler.

Cosily sat on chairs Ed had a big board with a game on it (called Board of the Rings, of course) and Liv and Orlando had to pull open little doors and answer questions.

The first door opened was called ‘Orc all about it’ and had three rumours and the cast had to identify which ones were true. Of course, tried and true TORN members would know these.

Rumour 1 Can you get arrested for dressing like a hobbit in Khazakstan? (yes)
Rumour 2 Did the Beatles want to make a film verions of LOTR? (yes)
Rumour 3 Was Jerry Springer initially cast as Frodo Baggins? (NO!!)

Liv said she’d heard a rumour about the Hobbits and Khazakstan.(Was it Khazakstan?) Orlando knew the other rumour about the Beatles. And the Jerry Springer casting was greeted with derision.

The next door was called ‘Family Tree’

The question was ‘When is Frodo Baggins birthday?’ Orlando made a guess with 24th August. Wrong, of course.

Then Ed dropped a script spoiler, he said.’When Arwen says to Frodo, ‘Let me take you to my father for safety’ it’s a pity she just doesn’t say, ‘Let me take you to my father’ Liv laughed and burst into a spontaneous burts of Steven Tyler-esque singing. Very cool.

Last question was ‘What’s up the wizard’s sleeve?’

‘Who was born in Middlesborough, hates cauliflower cheese and has a catchphrase, ‘You’ll like this, but not a lot.’ ‘

‘Paul Daniels’, shouted Orlando. He got a prize out of a sack, it looked like a plastic gnome. Liv protested that the last question was a Brit question, which was true, so she got a gnome too.


Oh, and Christopher Lee is expected to be on the show later this week.