Calendars, Journals, Magic Cubes, Oh My!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m having one heck of a good time with all this great merchandising that’s accompanying LOTR: FOTR. Cedco in particular has many outstanding offerings for the Tolkien consumer.

I’ve had my hands on a range of Cedco products that I’d like to tell you about. First off is their movie calendar, full of large, high quality images of both good and evil characters. They also offer a smaller, narrower calendar that fits neatly into a locker or small quarters. Both of these hang in my classroom 🙂

I’ve also sent the 2002 datebook and 2001/2002 student planner to friends as gifts, and of course, they love them! One must give quality mathoms to friends, no? O, I also use the student planner myself. Helps while away the faculty meetings…

Cedco also offers journals of two sizes. They feel good in the hand, and the faux leather covers of the large pair appear pretty sturdy. My favorite is a mock up Bilbo’s own Red Book, which looks like it could have been a gift from the hobbit’s library. Both large journals also feature an elastic ribbon placeholder, which does look like it may wear out over time. There are two smaller journals, one showcasing Arwen, and the other, Frodo. Both would serve as great diaries for kids, a travel journal, poetry tablet, or other uses.

If you’d like to check out these or other Cedco products, check out their website here.