Morning guys and gals! I flicked over to ITV just in time to see the four hobbits, Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd sitting together ready to begin their interview.

The interview begins with the presenter asking where Sean Bean is. The four all say that Sean couldn’t be here because he has some problems..then all four simultaneously open their mouths and put their finger over it. Dominic turns to the camera and says if Sean is watching, they’ll bring him some corks next time they see him.

They then begin to show a minute of the clip of Sean Bean holding the ring on Caradhras which we brought to you exclusively here yesterday. I can honestly say it looks ten times as good on television.

We return to the boys, and the first question is to Elijah. What was his favourite part of the whole production? Elijah says any time that all four of them together was great, which gets a chorus of ‘awwwwww’ from the audience. “We’ve become great mates.” Sean Astin then mentions the helicopters that they had to take to fly up the mountains for months on end. Dominic mentions he flew a plane twice during the shootings.

The next question is to Sean Bean, who ain’t here, asks whether it’s true that the New Zealand army was involved in the shooting. All of them admit that the New Zealand army was used during the films, they think in the Rohan scene. Billy tells us how great it was to have their own personal army behind them, especially leading them into battle despite being much smaller than the soliders themselves.

The next question for Dominic asks how difficult it was to get the part. Monaghan says that they went through days of training in the gym, learning how to fight with swords, and all the other skills they needed to play the parts.

Finally, Elijah is asked whether it’s true that he has the One Ring. Elijah admits it’s true, and then does his best Gollum impression, muttering ‘my preciousss’.

The hobbits then feature in a skit later on in the show, in which the show’s presenter, Cat Deeley, pretends to be a bride mourning in her appartment after leaving her groom at the altar. Sean and Billy come out first and talk with Cat, saying they would take her and her friend out if they weren’t on the rebound. They claim to be honorable guys, and that their mates, who aren’t as respectable as they are, might be interested. Pop group Westlife come out with Dominic. All of them act very macho and sleazy until Cat says she has a bit of a breath problem, and all of the guys leave. The show ends a minute later.

In the end, it was great to see all four of the Hobbit actors together and even better to see footage from the Fellowship of the Ring.