From Ghost of Deagol:

Just writing to inform you that Christopher Lee (together with his Danish wife through 30 years, Giee Krönke) and Viggo Mortensen will attend the FotR premiere the 18th of Dec. in Denmark.

An addition to the two FotR stars, representatives from the Danish royal family will attend: Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. The royal family has decided to show up since the gala event is also a fund raiser for The Red Cross. The ticket price is 500 DKr, so for once the celebrities must grab their pockets.

Queen Margrethe is actually a great Tolkien-admirerer, and has illustrated the special edition of The Lord of the Rings back in the 70s, when she as a princess still attended university in England.

The special edition was published in 1997 with illustrations by Ingahild Grathmer, the queen’s pseudonym at that time. This edition has just been republished.

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