From: Unnamed

I live in New York City and have had the opportunity to see a screening of the finished Lord of the Rings last Thursday.I have to say (being a complete fan of the books, and having read them all at least 3 times), that I was BLOWN AWAY at the accuracy and overall dedication to the integrity of the books. MUCH more than I was expecting from Hollywood.They created Middle Earth exactly the way I’ve envisioned it. The battles are gruesomely realistic, Orcs are horrific, all the characters are so nobly portrayed. I heard someone say outside, after the screening, how LOTR was everything Harry Potter wasn’t.

The greatest part for me was having it all the nuances of the stories come back to me as the movie happened. I had worried that since it had been about 12 years since I’d read any of the books that I may be too foggy. No way. I was all as clear as a bell. And such a classic, serious approach to the story. No gratuitous one liners or watered down kiddy simplicity. After the heartbreak of Planet of the Apes I was SO expecting an abomination of the original story.

I don’t know if this is exactly what you want as far as a “spy report”, I just wanted to share my enthusiasm. I totally dont work for any movie company, I just have a friend who does and he got me into the screening.

Anyhow, just wanted to rid any doubt anyone may have on the possibility of yet another Hollywood destruction of a masterpiece, and further the anticipation for the “RingHeads”.