From: RosaNegra

I got CineMania December’s issue with Frodo in the cover. There are another 2 different covers : Gandalf and an Orc, but the magazine content is the same. This issue has a report about the films, as well as exclusive interviews with Viggo Mortensen, Liv Tyler and Elijah Wood.

Also, there is a CineMania LoTR special edition with Gandalf in the cover, and some studio photos I have not seen, (I was breathless when I saw Sean Bean he looks soooo handsome!!). It is an extraordinary issue, with actual and complete information about JRR Tolkien, the books, and the movies. They did a serious research, so far I have not found any mistake.

I think the most important information for LoTR mexican fans is that VideoCine (the one that will distribute LoTR in Mexico) will have a premiere in SixFlags Mexico this December 10th. The release in Mexico is in December 21th, probably at midnight in major cities.

Here is the link

Here is a spanish PJ interview