Mike sends us the latest happenings all the way from South Africa, check it out!

I didn’t win this week’s ‘Quest for the Ring’ competition in the Sunday Times Newspaper, someone else (who’s probably never heard of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ won). Oh well, I guess I’ll have to enter again this week. Speaking of which, this week you can win five tickets to the South African premiere for the film which is also on December 10th. The press will be invited to this screening and, since South Africa is ahead of London, I think our premiere will actually be before their’s. Don’t know if any celebrities will be here, but I know Ian McKellen loves coming to South Africa (nah, he’ll probably go to the London one – so would I). I think the screening will be followed by champaigne and interviews for TV (i.e. what did you think?), so I don’t know if you can buy tickets or not, but if you can, they’ll probably set one back a bit.

South African advance ticket sales for the film go on sale this Friday I think. Also, a new cinema called ‘The Labia on Kloof’ (Kloof Street) is opening on December 19th with – yeah, ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ as there first film. They’re getting huge banners and cardboard standups and guess who’s been promised one? (he he he).

There’s also a new LOTR competition for DSTV subscribers this month, where people can win books, rings, soundtracks etc.

Also tonight on ‘Carte Blanche’ on M-NET at 19.00 they’re having a special on LOTR and tracing back its South African origins (Tolkien was born in Bloemfontein – if I was born there I’d also move).

That’s it for all the LOTR stuff happening in South Africa. Something tells me the hype’s begun.