From: Rebus

Just to talk more about the Cd you get free with the Mail On Sunday, it really is full of lotr stuff and very good, if you can get your hands on it, it would be a great thing to have (until the real thing comes out of course).

Here’s what the Cd has:

-Behind the Scenes footage with cast interviews and mini-documentaries on the origins of the filming, with comments by the director.

-All three trailers

-You can listen to ‘Concerning Hobbits’ by Howard Shore (if you haven’t got the soundtrack already)

-You can listen to a version of ‘Council Of Elrond’

-There are two screensavers

-There are two wallpapers

-A Prize draw to win 12 days in NZ


There are two documentaries and one film of just clips from the movie, rather like an more extensive 2nd teaser trailer.

-Finding Hobbiton

The first documentary is called ‘Finding Hobbiton’ where it shows the crew looking and finding where they will film these scenes, which they did in Hamilton. They talk to PJ about the location and the scenary artists who you see sitting and drawing how they will change this marshy farming land into the home of the hobbits, including the mill, and the green dragon. The farmer who owns the land is even interviewed! We even hear of some of the crew saying how everything there is real, they planted vegetables and hedges etc. there a year before filming so that it would all look genuine.

-Hobbiton Comes Alive

Here we see Hobbiton when it’s finished, there are lots of little clips that aren’t in any trailers like Sam and Frodo walking through a field talking and a large Horse-drawn cart ridden by Gandalf walking past a gate in a hedge and then Frodo jumping off it into the field and saying something like “see you later Gandalf!” We also see Frodo pushing Sam into a girl during Bilbo’s birthday bash and the girl grabbing the embarressed Sam and dragging him off to dance, it’s pretty obvious who she is, is it not?

There are also interviews with Billy Boyd, Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, and Sean Austin talking about what they thought of Hobbition, Sean saying how it looked exactly how he pictured it. We also hear Ian McKellen saying how it was a magical place to be in and really felt as though you were living inside a myth.

-Unique Clip Montage (very much like the 2nd teaser trailer)

This basically has loads of clips of the movie with clips of the stars (them being Liv Tyler, Cate Blanchett, Christopher Lee, Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen, John Rhys-davies, and Pj of course).
You see the clips of sauron wearing the ring, the ring lying at the bottom of water before Deagol found it, the balrog fighting Gandalf as he says “you shall not pass!” and the fire ripping through Bree(?), Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli all declaring their weapons to the fellowship, the gate opening to Moria, and Pippin dropping first thehead then the rest of the skeleton into the well in Moria.


The General release Trailer

The 1st teaser Trailer

The 2nd teaser Trailer


‘Beyond the Shire’ Screensaver
‘Hobbiton’ Screensaver


-Big picture of the black riders riding across river ( you all know the one) with a small ‘lotr’ logo

-A very misty picture showing the men of Roah surrounded by mist with a very large ‘lotr’ in the centre

And that’s your lot, as you can see a very packed Cd and as Strider said well worth a buy.

But that’s not all, there is a 16 PAGE SEGMENT!!! on lotr, it’s scenes, makeup, and the origins of Tolkien and his life in the TV guide to the mail on sunday, with pictures of all the locations, BREE, EDORAS, KHAZAD-DUM, LOTHLORIEN, WEATHERTOP, RIVENDELL, MORDOR, THE MISTY MOUNTAINS, and the RIVER ANDUIN (with a big map of middle-earth as a centre piece to the double page of pictures (it’s the map that’s on the soundtrack under-cd cover)).

By the time I’ll have got through it all it’ll be time to go to the cinema.