What?! You missed all the action this weekend? Well have no fear! Here’s your weekend round-up:

December E! Online Update

Tickets For Sale On Moviefone

Burger King Crown With Elvish Twist

Media Watch: Playboy Magazine

GAMING: InQuest and Scrye Scans

Wanna see the Moria Sequence?

Regal Cinema Conspiracy Theory

FOTR Stars Appear On UK Saturday Morning TV

Behind The Scenes On Swede TV4

Free CD-Rom With UK’s Mail On Sunday

Tolkien Touches Us All In Different Ways

Empire Magazine’s Collector’s Edition Scans

LOTR Supplement From Quebec Newspaper

Why Settle For 2 Minutes….Download The Whole Show!

Don’t Want To Download?

Irish Benefit Premiere

The Battle of the Books

And The Winner Is….

More On The National Geographic Special

LOTR Specials Info

NEWSWEEK Reviews Fellowship of the Ring

Before Otto There Was…

LOTR:FOTR Commercial During SNL

Lure of the Rings

UK Mail Cdrom

South African LOTR Update

Tolkien, Faith and Friendship

Finland rates FOTR R-15

Access Hollywood To Talk LOTR

Liv Tyler’s fear spurs double take

Making ‘Lord of the Rings’

The land of the ‘Rings’

More On UK Mail CD

SHOP: LOTR Playing Cards

LOTR Oz Contest

Elijah In The Dog House

Media Watch: UK’s Newcastle Journal

NZ Tourism Ad

Media Watch: Singapore Papers Talk LOTR

PBS Talks Tolkien

Media Watch: Metro Magazine

Journey In The Dark: The Final Chapter

Media Watch: Hyper Magazine

kropserkel.com Nabs Cool Orc Helms!

Queries about hobbits? Wood is a wizard

Ian McKellen Talks Gandalf


Lord of the special effects

Steal This Look

Newsweek heaps praise on Jackson

An orc talks