or why The Lord Of The Rings, the upcoming cinema
attraction is the perfect gentlemen`s triology.

From: The German GQ Magazine (thanks to Marcus H)

In every man you can find a hobbit. What is a hobbit? A human-like creature from the Lord of the Rings triology, who likes a good meal, beer and tobbaco, celebrates excessive parties, can handle tools and is ready for everything funny.

Hobbits also obtain the art of “disappearing fast without a sound”. A talent most men would love to use “post coitum”. So J.R.R Tolkien`s fantasy-cult-triology is not simply about the adventures of fellow hobbits Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin, it is the classical novel for men. (Especially most of the protagonists are from the so called “strong” gender.)

The setting: The Hobbits`safe party-zone is getting out of bounds, when the evil emperor is striving for the final victory. But our four heroes are in possession of the “ring of power”, to stop the scoundrels and save the world. Just like every man´s dream, not only George W. Bush´s.

Having that in mind, the four are starting for the ultimate adventure-trip. Beginning like any ordinary outdoor vacation, it soon turns into an endorphine sweating triathlon: running, climbing, horse riding.

To compensate all the efforts they are able to use all kinds of status symbols for the fantasy-lifestyle: highspeed-horses, jet-eagles, trendy wardrobe -ranging from camouflage combinations to cool knight-outfits, – energy saving power-food, communication-crystals with live video broadcasting and finally every man´s most beloved toys: weapons. One of the main characters uses a legendary sword with a broken blade, which will be renewed in progress of the story. Mister Freud, your mission. Take over, please.

The completion of their mission is the perfect career jump for the four hobbits: Sam, Merry and Pippin are climbing to top leading positions. Frodo is shipping westwards on his yacht to the land of the immortal. Can it be Hollywood?

But the Lord of the Rings is not only about superficial success. The psychological progress has also its importance. Even men need to go through that. That´s why our heroes all have their role-models, ready to push their process of maturing.

First there is Gandaf the Wizzard – modern: The Guru. He explores the saviour-potential of the hobbits and sends them on a journey to find themselves. But then most of the time he glistens through absence. They have got to get along on their own.

Another key figure is the human Aragorn, the classical protagonist in best Bogart-like tradition: rough on the outside, but a king within. He shows the hobbits what a real winner needs. On the other side there is Boromir, just striving for his own success, he is the booh-man. Our heroes have just to learn the opposit of what he embodies: Get lost of everything, and you will win everything. In other words: May the force be with you.

And women? They barely bring any inspiration. When men are out to save the world, there is no place for female beings. All but one princess, fighting in mens wear, are waiting for the successful heroes to come home: Sam and Pippin are both getting married; Aragorn is getting his princess. Only one female is steeling the show: Lady Galadriel of the Elves. She represents the greatest authority of all: Mom. In secret even the strongest man is hanging on her skirt.