From: Mark S

Film 2001 in the UK tonight spent 5 minutes looking at LOTR, with host Jonathan Ross saying it would be fair to say that the film was causing ‘a bit of a stir.’

Apparently in two weeks there will be a special show from the launch party itself!!

They showed the usual trailer footage and some interviews from Cannes. Can’t quote exactly as the program took me by surprise, but comments included:

Ian Mckellen saying something along the lines of ‘you think this is hype, you should see the fans reactions. They are almost ill with excitement.’

Peter Jackson saying he wished he could be hypnotised so he could go to see the film with a ‘blank mind’ and enjoy it like everyone else.

Christopher Lee saying he could imagine J.R.R Tolkien watching the film, standing behind Jackson and patting him on the shoulder saying “Well done my boy!”