From: Stacey

I was just flipping through the channels and came upon MTV News (you know…ten to the hour, every hour) and they were talking about the “sci-fi/fantasy invasion of the movies” … starting with Harry Potter, then Spider Man and the new Star Wars … but then they said something like “But sooner than that, a movie with anticipation 40 years in the making … LORD OF THE RINGS!” They talked a bit about the movie and the risks involved in making it and the huge avid fan following, and THEN they showed an interview they had with Elijah Wood! He talked about getting to visit the Star Wars set with Orlando Bloom (I assume so, he said “a hobbit and an elf”) and how pristine and scarily-clean and tightly regulated it was in comparison to the sort of motley, dirty, rag-tag Rings set. Also, apparently MTV is starting some sort of weekly show about soon-to-be-released movies, which Fellowship will be featured on.