It seems that Karen’s post prompted a flood of mail, some requesting to know more, some packed-full of information. For those who are wondering what exactly the song is, just read on!

Tim F:

Hey, Strider. Tell Karen that I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that! “This is my Father’s World” is the hymn, and I REALLY have to work hard NOT to think about it when I’m listening to the soundtrack…

Red Giant:

Regarding the tune Karen posted about which sounds familiar, the song is This is “My Father’s World”, based on “Terra Beata” (Blessed Earth), a traditional English melody, arranged by Franklin L. Sheppard in his Alleluia, 1915, A MIDI version will start playing when you hit this link. The very first few seconds will give it away.

Movie Discussion Board: Old Hymn Inspiration Behind Music Of FOTR