From: Stuart

Hello all, something I thought that may interest you. Billy was named the second most eligible man in Scotland today by the Scotland on Sunday’s Top 50 Eligible men. Here’s what they said:

2. Billy Boyd, Actor, 33 Lives: Glasgow Who he? This former graduate of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama has gone from the Scottish acting platform of Taggart to starring in one of the biggest films of the year, The Lord of the Rings. With his role of Pippin, Boyd’s fulfilling a lifelong dream. As a child, these books were the only ones he ever finished.

Conquests: Billy is a self-confessed ladies man and he is currently keeping his options open.

Pluses: He’d fight for you and in some style. Boyd has a grade 7 in foil fencing and a phase 4 in jeet kune do. Some type of judo-type thingie.

Minuses: Being chased by hobbit freaks.

Haunts: At forthcoming Lord of the Rings premieres all around the world, in city pubs with his website designer, or check out what he’s up to on

Billy has a slightly off-the-wall sense of humour.

So who beat Billy to the top spot???? Prince William.