From: J. Bennett

I don’t know if this is important enough to list on the web site but today on the way to work I noticed the beginning of Lord of the Ring billboards in Berkeley, California, USA. They’re very nicely done, with a stunning “life-like” artistic rendition of just the Hobbits. They don’t say anything fantastic, but are very simple, in that black, yellow, brown, green collection of colors most of the authentic movie things appear in. It says “Lord of the Rings”, with a larger L and larger S at the front and end. And between the bottom of that L and S is “The Fellowship Of The Ring” in letters of a much more small nature. Underneath it all in bold white unstylish letters is “December 19”. I have been a fan of these movies for almost a year now, looking at everything, from wallpaper, to book covers, to web site art, to snapshots, to pictures in magazines and on gaming boxes. But I’ve never seen this particular rendition of the Hobbits. So it is a new art for me.