Tickets for the midnight screening of FOTR go on sale on Thursday morning, 15th November, NZ time. You have to buy them at the Hoyts box office (ie not over the phone) and the box offices open at 7:30am at the earliest.

There are three Hoyts cinemas which are confirmed for the midnight screenings: Auckland’s Wairau Park (who the heck knows why?), Moorhouse Avenue in Christchurch, and Hoyts Midcity in Wellington. TVNZ’s cameras will be there, so you can grab some media attention if you dress up really wildly for the first screening. The Wellington Hoyts Midcity is offering a $70/head cocktail party/midnight screening or there is also one theatre available for just seeing the film at midnight (presumably at the normal price.)
Those wanting to book for the Hoyts $70/head event can book online here but get in quick.

There are a limited number of prints of FOTR in NZ, which is apparently why TORN and its friends were not able to organise our own midnight screening at 12:01 am on December 20th.

So yesterday we found that the only confirmed midnight screenings are at certain Hoyts cinemas, unless you can afford the $2500/head after-premiere screening at the Embassy.

TORN and its friends in the Phoenix science ficition and fantasy club plan to meet elsehwere beforehand and do our own party as planned, before going to the other Hoyts midnight show in Wellington. All TORN friends are invited to join us, should the Hoyts cocktail event sell out. Wellington itself is throwing a monster street party on the evening of the 19th so there should be plenty of enjoyment for everyone.