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The LOTR Day Event in Alpharetta, GA had a great turn-out, including several home-schooled kids. They finished their schoolwork up early so as to be able to participate, and participate they did! One lucky kid, 11 year old Alden Lathrop of Atlanta, actually won one of the door prizes. His nifty banner poster was the envy of all!

The staff of the Alpharetta Barnes and Noble put on a nice presentation, including a few Tolkien Trivia questions out of Houghton-Mifflin’s pocket sized Tolkien Trivia book. The 20 minute video was very well received by all in attendance. The Rayner Unwin portion of the video was poignant, and PJ’s comment about now understanding why no one had ever tried to film three movies at the same time drew laughs from all. From the scenes of Rivendell and Hobbiton it is quite obvious that PJ, the artists, craftsmen and actors all have the utmost respect for JRR Tolkien’s works; and I thank each and every one of them for this.

Several of us Ringers were there. Zorina, SamGamgee7, Formula409 and myself had made plans to meet for the event. While there we met 12milecousin, who is a regular visitor to the site. I think we can all agree to a few things: the video was too short, the new movie guide and visual companion are both gloriously illustrated with images of FOTR, those banners rocked and December 19th is still too far away!