From Daniel:

Join the adventure at GW_MiddleEarth!

The Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Ring battle game has recently been released by Games Workshop and is selling fast! Many fans are already amazed at the magnificent miniatures, fantastic rules and wonderful gaming possibilities this game provides. It’s Tolkien’s world of Middle Earth come to life!

Like all war games LOTR has a diverse list of things that can be done, such as painting the minitures, modeling the scenery, playing the game, rules clarification and scenario creation. GW_MiddleEarth is a yahoo group specifically created with these things in mind, not to mention general chat on the new films, questions and discussion on Tolkien’s books, pictures of yet to be released models, rumors, breaking news and anything else you need to know! The groups functions on the yahoo groups network of internet email messaging lists. The list is quite large, over 100 members now, and we have been tracking the game and the films since early this year when the group was created. The group is an avid supporter of TORN and for this reason I have been allowed to invite everyone who is even remotely interested in Games Workshop’s new game to come and have a look. Even if you just want to know about the game, sign up and we will be more than happy to help out.

To check the list’s site out go to

Or if your already excited and ready to join you can directly subscribe by sending a blank message to

The list was created as a forum for fans of the game, the films and Tolkien. We are all massive fans and all share a deep interest in Tolkien’s books. We would love for everyone interested to join the group.