From: Phyoras TV (on TorontoStar TV, channel 21 Ontario), aired a 5 minute short on their show tonight (7pm & 12am) concerning FOTR. While the show usually focusses on Trailers, it sometimes has a short feature on a film, and this time it happened to be about FOTR. It was roughly 5 minutes long and showed the 2nd FOTR trailer with interviews throughout from Dominic Monaghan and John Rhys-Davies. Mostly it just mentioned the popularity growing for the film and the interviews weren’t new (they were conducted while JRD and DM were in Toronto for the Casa Loma Exhibit Opening), but they were interesting. John Rhys-Davies says “Best film(s) of all time”, while Dominic Monaghan talks about “Hobbits keeping in touch after the filming”. All the same, it’s worth checking out for anyone who hasn’t seen the interviews yet (which were aired on CTV a week or so earlier). I’m sure it will be repeated for the next week or so!