From: Elom

The Big Breakfast (morning TV) in the UK ran a 3 minute LOTR film, with interviews from the cast:

Ian McKellen said “If Tolkien hadn’t written LOTR there would be no Dungeons & Dragons & might not have been any Star Wars but you’d have to talk to George Lucas about that!”

Billy Boyd spoke a little on the background of Hobbits, their disposition, community & lifestyle.

Elijah Wood spoke of his early mornings, ” We would have to get up at 5:30 in the morning to get our feet glued on.”

Dominic Monaghan told of the different methods used to create the effect of the smaller Hobbits, ” Some scenes were shot separately then super imposed together & sometimes we would just be on our knees”

Liv Tyler said that due to the difference in size of characters there would be more than one scale of set used.

Dominic Monaghan joked about Billy Boyd already looking Hobbit like without make up, ” Due years of drinking it’s given Billy an open face, constantly smiling” to which Billy replied ” yes my mind is pickled!”

Ian McKellen pointed out he had seen a Gandalf cake topper once and found it strange that anyone would want a wizard on a cake?