THIS IS IT! “The Fellowship of the Ring” is finally here, and InQuest Gamer is stuffed chock full of balrog-sized goodness. We’ve got more dwarves, elves and hobbits than you can shake a staff at, as our countdown to the movie finally reaches zero.

You may think you know all there is to know about “The Lord of the Rings.” You may have transcribed the trilogy in Elvish and secretly videotaped Arwen in her underwear. But you still don’t know it all. But InQuest does. From the designers at Weta Workshop who gave us the behind-the scenes scoop on the special effects, sets and costumes to John Rhys-Davies Gimli in the flesh, we’ve scoured Middle-earth for the secrets behind the screen. Heck, we even got a psychic to talk to Tolkien himself! So if you want to dazzle your friends with all the inside info, InQuest Gamer #81, on sale December 5th, is your ticket to the in-crowd.

Plus, we’ve got a killer deck for Decipher’s hot, new Tolkien card game. Will Moria’s orcs challenge Magic’s orcs for the top spot in the world of gaming? It’s a battle worth watching.

And just in case your Tolkien fix still hasn’t been sated, InQuest #81 has a “Lord of the Rings” Price Guide, overflowing with values for every Middle-earth and “Lord of the Rings” game ever made. From old CCGs to the newest board games, IQ Gamer has is all.