No card image of the day anymore folks, instead Decipher unleashed 142 new card images in celebration of the LOTR TCG release! [More]

International Features Section Debuts Today
Perhaps more than any other literary or film trilogy in history, The Lord of the Rings is a truly international phenomenon. To support and encourage this sense of global community, we have asked TCG players and product champions from around the world to bring you articles and rules translations in your own languages. [More]

Lessons of the Past
It’s an interesting time to play new Trading Card Games. Magic: The Gathering has been in production for eight years. Star Trek, Star Wars, Legend of the Five Rings, Pokemon, and who knows what else have been around for two to six years. The field of Trading Card Game strategy is well developed, in part because many of these games have similar mechanics: Draw one card per turn, attack/untap once per turn per character/monster, and so on. In that TCGs have a lot in common, the lessons learned in one game often apply to other games. I’d like to explain how the current pool of TCG knowledge applies to deck design for The Lord of the Rings TCG. [More]

Don’t forget to check out the new Celebritory Message Boards over at decipher, marking todays launch of their LOTR TCG.