From: Tim

Just to let you know that Miranda Otto (Eowyn) is in the new period drama on the BBC from next Sun,”The Way We Live Now”.


Victorian power, passion and corruption combine in this Andrew Davies adaptation of an Anthony Trollope novel for BBC ONE.

Set in the railway boom of the 1870s, yet with remarkable contemporary resonance, “The Way We Live Now” captures the turmoil as the old order is swept aside by the brash new forces of business and finance. Starring David Suchet, Cheryl Campbell, Douglas Hodge, Matthew Macfadyen, Paloma Baeza and Rob Bryden, it is filming in London, East Anglia and the North of England from March and will be seen on BBC ONE in the Autumn.

“The Way We Live Now” contains all the elements that made Trollope the most popular novelist of his day – the excitement and anguish of young love, the intoxication of forbidden passion and the enduring values of honourable men; but also the raw energy and charisma of the most powerful city the world had ever seen, and the greed and corruption that lay just below its glittering surface.

Peopled with a range of characters that only Trollope could create – the towering figure of Augustus Melmotte (David Suchet), the Great Financier, a 19th Century Robert Maxwell; Sir Felix Carbury (Matthew Macfadyen), a young aristocrat so dissolute he would sell his own mother (Cheryl Campbell) to pay his gambling debts and whose simultaneous pursuit of two very different women causes all who know him to despair; his cousin Roger (Douglas Hodge), a man of integrity horrified at the way the world he knew is slipping away, in love with Felix’s sister Hetta (Paloma Baeza); who herself is in love with Roger’s young protege, the engineer Paul Montague (Cillian Murphy); whose life is complicated by a rash engagement to a glamorous American (Miranda Otto) who, it is rumoured, once shot a man in Oregon and has now followed Paul to England to hold him to his promise…

Pippa Harris, Executive Producer, comments: ” ‘The Way We Live Now’ is first and foremost a fantastic story, which by turns will surprise, move and delight the audience, but above all consistently entertain them.” Producer Nigel Stafford-Clark adds: “With central themes of sex and money running through the interweaving stories, this drama about the Victorian world that Trollope inhabited has startling similarities to our life at the beginning of the 21st century.”

“The Way We Live Now” is being adapted in four 75 minute episodes by Andrew Davies ( “Pride And Prejudice”, “Wives and Daughters”, “Take A Girl Like You”). The producer is Nigel Stafford-Clark, ( “Shoot to Kill”, “Warriors”)and the Director is David Yates (The Sins). Executive producers are Pippa Harris and Jane Tranter. “The Way We Live Now” is a BBC production in association with Deep Indigo and WGBH/Boston.