From Kevin:

Great site. I’ve been visiting it daily for the past couple of months, you have some great info.

I just figured I’d give you my ideas and comments on the LOTR:FOTR game by Games Workshop. Being an avid wargamer, I have been into the previous core games of Warhammer and Warhammer 40,00 for almost eight years. I played my first game of LOTR today and was very suprised.

I had previously heard that LOTR was a horrible game, that it was too simple and didn’t play well. Nothing could be more wrong. While LOTR is easy to learn, it still requires a large amount of strategy to play well. The Warhammer games work in a standard manner: I do all of my things (move, shoot, etc) then you do all of your things. The LOTR system of everyone doing all of their actions in the same turn really makes you consider effective placement more. Also, the addition of priority makes you have to watch where your opponent could reach you: He might be able to move or shoot before you!

What I really liked about LOTR is how Heroes are truly heroic! In the in-store scenario it pitted four Elves and two Men of Gondor against 16 Moria goblins. This was fairly even, I played with the forces of good and lost, while I watched others win. What amazed me was when I first saw the employees pit Aragorn against these 16 goblins. They were utterly slaughtered. With the addition of things like Might, Will and Fate points they can be stronger, tougher and utterly anihilliate any opponents. I watched Aragorn and Boromir used, and tried Gandalf myself. His “Sorcerous Blast” was awesome, I used it to blast goblins off of cliffs, into one another and off of the table! Great fun. Overall, the Heroes are truly powerful, and they really convey how they feel in the book (and I guess the movie).

I really have to say that I’ll enjoy this game. I was doubtful at first, but after playing it and getting better look at the minis I’m sure I’ll want to play it often. I’ll give it two thumbs up ;).

On another note, I also won the painting competition for my Elven Warrior. Pics will appear in White Dwarf soon, I’ll try to scan the pages for your webpage.