1. Can you tell us about the 6 tracks?

The first piece, ‘May it Be’ written and sung by Enya. With the knowledge that theme songs for movies such as Céline Dion’s for ‘Titanic’, Lara Fabian’s for ‘Final Fantasy’ were very successful, I knew I wanted to do it, but I wanted something very special from Enya, something that has that these other artists do not have: Reserve!

Enya is a beautiful melancholic person and what a voice! She gives me shivers! The second piece The Council of Elrond is a mixture between Enya’s song ‘Aniron’, the theme of Aragorn and Arwen, and the music of Howard Shore. The vocals work very carefully to force some of the instrumental theme to come through which closes the piece. That it is good.

The third piece ‘The Breaking of the Fellowship’ lasts 7mins 20seconds, and as always does Edward Ross write a mixture of the music of Shore at the beginning then a song ‘In Dreams’ towards the end. It is a theme that is often heard and returns to titillate the ears. Some Celtic notes (a flute). The voice of Edward Ross, with the same stamp of Enya, is splendid and is accompanied by chorus. More shivers.

The fourth ‘Lotlorien’ piece has some haunting vocals and themes, this time Elizabeth Frazer is the vocalist, the end of the piece is perfect, the voice of the singer slips and seems to deplore. I find this piece to be almost religious in its tone.

The fifth piece ‘One ring to rule them all’ has many the voices present accompanying and bringing a more significant dimension to the piece. Sad and somber, it is superb and powerful lyrically and musical flights to make you shiver.

Sixth ‘Concerning Hobbits’ is the main musical theme in which all the other pieces return to, and of course this is the topic of the hobbits! The merriest piece while preserving small moments of sadness that l perceived with Violins, flutes, and piano, Celtic throughout.

4 words to describe this score. Melancholic, complex, surprising and intimate.

2. Which pieces do you find really represents the entire theme?

Piece 2 (The Council of Elrond), which really marks the score, the voice of Enya!

3.Which piece would you be most tempted to listen to repeatedly?

All of them! But my preferred is, I repeat myself, number 2 (The Council of Elrond).

4. Which is according to you the most daring piece?

Most daring without any doubt 4 Lothlorien which surprises by its borrowing from the religious themes.

5. With the sight of the trailers, photographs, and of course of the novel, will the music marry well with its subject?

Difficult to say, I hope yes but I’ll wait to see film. Not very courageous is it?

6. Which other score could you bring closer this one?

Curiously, I rather thought it of a mixture of several scores, a bit of ‘Titanic’ with some tastes of ‘Se7en’, and of course my own creation

7. Enya’s participation in the Score? Big or Small?

Enya brings much to the score; she has the voice of an elf, which would sing songs composed by Elrond himself, perhaps she is one!