I also started the Bree Set (the next place in the hobbits route). Here you can see the first taste: a nice old-looking Bree house! (soon you’ll have the “Prancing Pony” Tavern too).

As Tolkien explained, Bree has a reasonable Hobbit population, specially in holes and small houses around the hill, so, as you pointed, Bree scenario will probably have some hobbit-hole areas.

The Bree house looks incredibly accurate to the set pictures we’ve seen from the movies. You can check out Josef Bugman’s message board Here, where you can even volunteer your services to the project.

Compare the two images for yourself! The one on the right is straight from our spy pics of the Bree set. Remarkable how much attention Josef has put into fashioning this game after the likeness of the movie.

Check out our exclusive interview with Josef Bugman on the game Here.