We’ve seen this card image before, but today is the first time it’s been featured at Decipher’s site.

Recap of the Excitement at Spiel in Essen, Germany

For the last couple of decades, Essen, Germany has played host to the largest gaming convention in the world: Spiel & Comic Action, an event that regularly draws up to 150,000 people.[More]

Matthew M. Colville Bio:

Matt was born in Nashua, New Hampshire, 31 years ago. After many fantastic adventures, he connected with the design team at Last Unicorn Games through their magnificent Dune CCG in 1997. Matt worked on some of the CCG design, as well as assisting in the writing and development of the Dune RPG.[More]

Kenneth Hite Bio:

Game designer Kenneth Hite has been a lifelong Chicago native ever since he moved there from Oklahoma City in 1988.[More]